Honkai star rail gacha roll pull warp simulator

Hello, I am the developer of a honkai star rail gacha simulator that I made using javascript and html with the help of chatgpt. 

This simulator allows you to experience the thrill of warping on the regular warp banner from honkai star rail, which has a 0.6% rate for 5 stars and 5% for 4 stars. You can use either stellar jades or passes to warp, and you will also receive undying embers and starlights that you can use to exchange for various items. This simulator is not affiliated with HoYoverse or honkai star rail, and it is only for entertainment purposes. I hope you enjoy it and have fun!

simlator index

departure banner simulator

regular banner simulator

seele banner simulator

seele weapon banner simulator

jingyuan banner simulator

jingyuan weapon banner simulator

Click the button below to roll stand warp:

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